Junior Golfers: Believe...Achieve!


New Website User Registration:

If you do not have a UserName and Password with CPGT.

  1. Click on "Register" in the menu
  2. Answer the security question.
  3. Enter your email address in box provided. 
         Note: If you have an account with another Junior Tour that uses ShotStat, simply login with the same username/password as the other tour.
  4. Enter your Parent information first and choose your own unique UserName and Password
  5. After you have submitted your parent account, a new form will appear to enter your junior golfer information
     Important: If your child played in the January Riverfront tournament, you still need to fill out the form for your junior golfer, however, when you click "submit", a dropdown should pop up saying the system found a player match and ask you if this is the correct junior player. If the player information is correct, simply click "Add" next to the dropdown.  You will then need to go to "Account --> Junior Golfers" in the menu to update your junior account information.
  6. You can enter in multiple golfers by completing a new form for each child.

Existing Website Users:

If you already have an existing UserName and Password with CPGT or another Junior Tour that uses ShotStat

  1. Click on "Login" in the menu.
  2. If you do not know your password, click on "Forgot Password" on the Login screen to reset your password.

Registering for Tournaments:

  1. Login to the site
  2. Navigate to the Tournament List by going to "Tour --> Tournaments" in the menu.
  3. Your junior golfer(s) will show up to the left of each tournament
  4. Check the tournaments in which your child(ren) will play and click "Register" at the bottom of the Tournament List


Click on "Account" in the menu to edit your account or your junior golfer account(s).
You can also "Add" additional junior golfers by clicking "Account" in menu and going to "Junior Golfers".  This is also where you can "edit" your Junior Golfer's information.

Sponsors & Partners
  • Loudoun Junior Golf Association
  • Sports Williamsburg
  • Kingsmill Championship
  • Boston College Golf Camp
  • Northern Junior Open Championship
  • Cavalier Golf Camp
  • Optimist Junior Golf