College Prep Golf Tour

Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Important Dates Credits Refunds
Pull out 10 days or more in advance 100% Tour Credit 50% Credit Card Refund
Pull out less than 10 days in advance *50% Tour Credit No Refund
  • 3 days or less (usually Wednesday prior) there are no refunds or credits


  *No credit allowed if the course charges us


Conditions for Credits and Refunds:

  • Memberships fees are not refundable
  • Tournaments that are cancelled entirely due to weather, participants can either play in the tournament when it is rescheduled or receive a tour credit for the cost of the tournament.
  • Withdrawals due to injury, sickness or death will not get a credit unless you have a note from a doctor or clergyman that the player was physically unable to play or a close friend or relative passed away (no relatives allowed as the doctor or clergyman). The amount of the credit will be determined by if the course(s) charged us for the player.