College Prep Golf Tour

Players and Parents remember to invite your targeted coaches/schools to your tournaments...

especially schools near the tournament.  This advice comes straight from the College Coaches panels.


Premier Junior Golf Tournaments

Latest Results
The Breed Junior Invitational at Independence Golf Club
November 5-6
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Oh. J (-2)
McMeans. V (+1)
Barnes. J (+3)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
jessop. O (+7)
Caraballo. A (+7)
Ormond. J (+8)
HS Junior/Senior (Girls)
Beitel. C (+18)
Nadeau. D (+21)
Kenny. D (+31)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Girls)
Garnsey. R (+11)
Chan. N (+25)
Bransford. C (+30)
Middle School (Boys)
Ladde. N (-6)
Carlin. J (-2)
Cowgill. B (+2)
Middle School (Girls)
Sweet. K (+25)
The Breed Credit Qualifier at Kiskiack Golf Club
September 10-11
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
O'Boyle. F (+12)
Chiovaro. M (+14)
Flood. H (+27)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Obie. J (+6)
McClintock. W (+12)
Hermansky. B (+14)
HS Junior/Senior (Girls)
Beitel. C (+6)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Girls)
Chan. N (+31)
Rosel. C (+63)
Eovino. R (+71)
Middle School (Boys)
Tanguay. O (+9)
Mukherjee. A (+10)
Young. E (+13)
Dr. Jack Frable High School Invitational at Independence
August 15-16
High School
Obie. J (-5)
Dingledine. T (+1)
Oh. J (+2)
High School Girls
Hollberg. L (+7)
Yim. A (+10)
Ward. H (+42)